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Why use Onramp Aggregator

Key benefits

  • Increase onramp success rates by up to 5x
  • Provide local payment methods for emerging web3 markets
  • Offer your user the lowest price every time
  • Integrate in minutes with a few line of codes
  • Access to our powerful dashboard to keep track of how well users are onramping

Find your use cases

Web3 games
NFT marketplace
Boost your in-game item sales volume and revenue by making purchasing as easy as making a few clicks within your game.
The current experience for gamers entering web3 games is often complicated and frustrating. To purchase in-game items, users must navigate multiple steps and switch between the game and various exchanges to acquire the correct cryptocurrency. It's estimated that new users have to go through on average 40 steps to play Axie Infinity - one of the biggest P2E game!
Our onramp aggregator simplifies this process into a seamless top-up flow. Game studios can allow users to purchase in-game currency directly within the game using our embeddable widget, providing a hassle-free experience.
Drive overall trading activities by offering users to top up accounts with local payment methods.
While most exchanges offer the option to buy cryptocurrency using debit or credit cards, this method can be a barrier for potential traders. In regions outside the US, the success rate for card payments is only 30%. Additionally, less than 10% of people in emerging markets like SEA, LATAM, and India have access to credit cards. By offering alternative payment methods that are more widely used in these regions, you can better serve customers worldwide.
Acquire and retain more users by enabling top ups with 100+ local payment methods. Earn a margin per every successful transaction.
Make buying crypto a hassle-free experience for your users by keeping them engaged inside the wallet. Why send them outside to different exchanges to compare rates and payment methods when they can conveniently and confidently make their purchases from within the wallet? By offering the best rates and highest success rate payment methods every time, you'll keep your users happy and coming back for more.
Simplify NFT purchases into a seamless top-up flow with a wide support of 100+ local payment methods, making it more accessible to users worldwide.
The current experience for users entering NFT marketplaces is often complicated and frustrating. To purchase NFTs, users must navigate multiple steps and switch between the marketplace and various exchanges to acquire the correct cryptocurrency.
Our onramp aggregator simplifies the NFT purchasing experience, keeping users inside the marketplace and enabling them to buy NFTs with just a few easy steps.