Pricing Principles

  1. Everytime best price: Many onramps hide rates in their exchange rate. Our solution provides the best price in the market everytime by showing the best rate net of all fees and charges.

  2. Simple pricing: We work to provide a simple and minimal cost structure that returns volume discounts to users.

  3. Dedicated to payments: We will keep innovating and building new payment products in important web3 markets where we can provide significant value.

  4. Merchant Dashboard: Optimize onramp success rates and costs over time by monitoring what users are paying and where they are succeeding or failing at onramping!

Simple Pricing Structure

Integration Fee

US$0/- for Q1 2023

Poko Fees

0.0% to 0.5% on top of onramp fees

Charged to User

Onramp aggregator fees make sense because single or few onramps results in significantly higher costs for users. Poko gets volume or B2B discounts that allow us to provision on-ramps at similar rates in many cases to what your users will get with a direct integration.

Here is an example:

Transak in Europe - 0.99% or 3.5% (SEPA or card)

Transak in Brazil (PIX) - 8% Users save ~5.7% to 6% with lowest cost onramp!

Total Fees (incl. Of Poko Fees)

Generally 1% to 3.5% for local onramps

(except for Transak/Moonpay)

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