Onramp Aggregator dashboard

Key benefits

Our dashboard is a comprehensive tool that empowers merchants to monitor and optimize their users' onramping experience. With our dashboard, you can track the success rate of onramping, monitor earnings, and have insights over the users' onramp experience.

Key information that we provide:

  • In-depth transaction level data such as transaction statuses, onramping duration, type of fiat and token currencies, user ID, etc. This allow you to detect and understand problems with individual transactions, enabling you to quickly take action to rectify any issues.

  • Overview analytics including total transaction volume, earnings, average spend per transaction, success rate per provider. This is helpful to understand trends over time and can be used to make informed decisions about how to improved your onramping process. In addition, we provide a conversion funnel that enables you to easily identify where your users are dropping off in the onramp process.

  • Export data in CSV format to analytic applications of your choice, giving you the ability to perform more complicated analysis and gain deeper insights into your users' behavior.

Dashboard statuses



Onramp providers haven't received payment from users.


Onramp providers have received payment from users.


Onramp providers have received payment from users. Onramp providers are sending tokens to users.


Transaction expires. Onramp providers haven’t received payment from users for certain period of time.


Transaction fails.


Users have received crypto.


Users cancel fiat payment.


Users have received refund.

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